Darlene McGrath
Reiki Services & Training
Reiki Services

All services are provided by Darlene McGrath, B.Ed., CRA-RT.

Length & Description


First Session (90 minutes)


60 Minutes


30 Minutes (for children)


Distant Session


Reiki Student Rate (60 minutes)


*All prices include GST

Receipts accepted by health care providers for those with Extended Health Benefits Packages covering Reiki are available.

Gift Certificates are available for all Reiki Services and
Reiki Training!
Please contact Darlene to purchase.


To Book an Appointment:
By phone:
Darlene McGrath
(306) 220 3188

*Please note*
Darlene's treatment room location has changed to:

Queen's House Retreat & Renewal Centre
601 Taylor Street West